Keeping Curb Appeal High With Roofing Replacement

curb appeal roofing replacement

Keeping Curb Appeal High With Roofing Replacement

As anyone who has sold a home or spent time in the real estate world well knows, one of the most important buzz-terms in this industry is “curb appeal.” Short for the variety of visual areas that potential buyers see when they visit a home for the first time, curb appeal often plays an outsized role in everything from general home value to how much a given buyer might be convinced to pay for the home.

At Wizard Roofing, curb appeal is a top consideration for all our roofing installation and roof replacement services, especially if you’re making such upgrades with the goal of upping home value for an upcoming sale. Let’s look at a few of the factors we’ll discuss with you if curb appeal is one of your primary goals in a roof installation, including areas that will help enhance this theme and increase the ROI you receive on the project.

Matching the Home

For one, it’s important to realize that while the roof is a big player in your home’s overall curb appeal, it isn’t the only factor. For this reason, it’s vital to attempt to match it properly with other curb appeal and visual elements present on the home.

In most cases, the home elements you should be looking at here for a good contrast are front doors, windows and siding. If you use a standard color for your window accents, for instance, you might choose that same shade for your new roof to offer a complementary design. Our pros will be happy to go over which roofing styles match your home’s existing architecture, as well, helping you narrow down your list as you’re considering the options.

Functional Themes

Now, it’s important not to get too wrapped up in the aesthetic factors involved with your roof. These are important for curb appeal, but so is function – no one will want to buy your home if you have a great-looking roof that’s poorly installed and allows frequent leaks, for instance. Our team will recommend the sturdiest and most durable roofing options so repairs that mess with curb appeal are necessary as infrequently as possible.

Patterns and Color Choices

When it comes to choosing colors and patterns for your roof, we recommend keeping the term “contrast” in your mind whenever possible. A home with all its major visual elements the same color or shade will not have great curb appeal; one with various contrasting areas, though, such as light panels with darker shingles or vice versa, allows the eyes to break up the visual experience and enjoy it more.

For more on important curb appeal factors when choosing materials for a roof replacement, or to learn about any of our roofing installation services, speak to the staff at Wizard Roofing today.

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