Preparing Your Home for a New Roof Installation

preparing home roof installation

Preparing Your Home for a New Roof Installation

At Wizard Roofing, we’re proud to provide the best services in Utah when it comes to roofing replacement and installation. Valuable for everything from protecting you and your family to maintaining your home’s aesthetic, your roof is a vital piece of the home that must be considered throughout the year.

Not only do we offer comprehensive roof installation services, we’ll help you prepare for your appointment with a few basic tips on how to prep the space – and we’ll even help with this prep ourselves. Here are several important themes for prepping your home and surrounding area for an upcoming roofing installation, the kinds that will make the process simpler for everyone and possibly even save you significant time.

Outdoor Areas and Access

For starters, with the understanding that roof installation workers will be performing tasks in the area, it’s vital to clear out any space where they’ll have access. If there are any furniture pieces, hoses, garbage bins or other obstructions, take the time to move them completely out of the way. If you have an air conditioning unit in the area, we recommend placing a sheet of plywood on top of it to protect it from possible falling debris.

Not only is this important for safety, it will help the job move faster and get done more efficiently. The more workers have to worry about obstacles or safety, the less time they’re spending on your roof installation.

Attic Access

Another important area of access for many roofing installations is through the attic. Ask our team in advance whether attic access will be required for your installation – if so, make sure the pathway to it is clear and it’s easy to find. If you have pets inside, make sure they aren’t able to get in the way during the installation.

Waste and Debris

A roof tear-off comes with significant debris and waste, and a dumpster or dump truck may be utilized. In these cases, you need to make room on your property for such an item, ideally in the driveway right next to the home to make things more convenient. This limits labor time and keeps you from making a huge mess for your neighbors.

Care for Fragile Items

Roofing installations may come with significant vibration from the tools being used, so if you have any high-value fragile items in the home – particularly on upper levels, where vibrations might be more significant – we recommend placing these away from interior walls. Some people choose to temporarily place them in padded boxes or similar protective enclosures just to ensure no damage takes place.

For more on how to prepare your home for an upcoming roofing installation, or to learn about any of our roofing installation services, speak to the staff at Wizard Roofing today.

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